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Imperfectly Kind

Book by Julie Adam—Imperfectly Kind is an inspiring collection of Julie’s thoughts and ideas – 28 of them – on why kindness is the must-have superpower you need to lead. Whether you are a new leader who has just started your first managing gig or a seasoned executive who needs a new approach, this book will show you how to use kindness to win in business and become a better leader.

Each thought contains a practical pro-tip on how to use kindness to help you improve your skills in building and coaching an all-star team, giving feedback, having difficult conversations, making tough decisions and more – including how to be kind to yourself – through daily self-care.

Julie started her career at a radio station, broadcasting rock music to late-night listeners.

Today, Julie is an award-winning media executive focused on leading large teams of talented people through creativity, innovation and positivity.

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