Frequently Asked Questions
About Executive Coaching


As many successful executives can attest, almost no one achieves the greatest heights of success on their own. Executive coaching helps leaders like you assess your core competencies and how they align with your values, and over time, coaching can help you not only increase your professional performance, but also your personal performance and how you show up for your family and friends. Having a coach brings an unbiased outside perspective, helping you to expand your thinking and introduce you to fresh perspectives that can’t help but lead to new, fulfilling paths.

Yes. Together we can elevate your leadership skillset and help you coach members of your team to be leaders. We can focus on your team member’s individual strengths, help them overcome barriers, set goals, and reach new heights of performance.

Leaders are often dissatisfied, under pressure, and enduring unrelenting stress which puts them in the tenuous position of trying to balance their personal and professional lives. This constant conflict can often affect behaviour and lead to questioning one’s career choice. An executive coach can dig deep to work with you, understand your values, and assess whether it is in line with your day-to-day choices. Working with a coach can bring outside perspective and new, refreshing strategies for fulfillment and peace of mind.