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As a Certified Executive Coach, I specialize in empowering professionals to trust themselves to be leaders in their business and personal lives. Through a coaching style focussed on integrity, kindness, and respect, I enjoy sharing my passion and appreciation for the value of human connection and the importance of developing and maintaining relationships.

In short, I help leaders like you work through obstacles to find opportunities and achieve what really matters. I will work with you in a partnership that facilitates learning and fulfillment, guiding you in uncovering and maximizing both your personal and professional potential.

As a former senior executive, I understand the demands on your time, energy, and skillset. Having spent the past 35 years in the private club industry, I have in-depth experience in governance, strategic planning, team building, employee development—and all the dynamics that come with it. In fact, the common denominator in all of my previous executive positions has been leading the development of organizations’ vision and culture, and I am a firm believer that organizations are only as successful as the people that work there.

When it comes to cultivating and building a team, I learned many lessons early in life as a former competitive athlete, including how impactful team work can be and the art of being an effective listener. Both of these skills – along with the important role fitness plays in business performance – have been a strong part of my personal foundation.

Most of all, I have an unwavering philosophy that everyone deserves to wake up in the morning and be inspired. Read on for more on me and how we can work together.

I also invite you to explore my recommended books, podcasts, and videos in Leadership Resources. Questions? Check out the FAQ or contact me directly. I look forward to connecting with you!

Mike Whalen

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